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We are a team of innovative, self-starting and fearless people who are ready to change the world with our technology.


Alexander Rudoy

Co-Founder and Hardware Developer

Alex develops the algorithm for the sensors. Before starting Toposens, he worked as an information electronics technician and as a student worker at Bertrandt. He came up with the idea for the sensor when he tried to construct a toy robot fish that swims around in an aquarium. Alex is native to Kazakhstan and he enjoys swimming and biking in his free time.

Tobias Bahnemann

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Tobias is responsible for handling the sales and financial portion of the business as well as networking and establishing partnerships with investors. Before establishing Toposens, he owned an e-commerce shop, worked in sales at Mercedes and Rocket Internet and was a consulting analyst. Tobias is originally from Bonn, Germany and he likes to hike and snowboard.

Rinaldo Persichini

Co-Founder and Embedded Systems Engineer
As the embedded systems engineer, Rinaldo programs the algorithm into the sensor. He also builds the software for collecting the data from the sensor. Before creating Toposens, he did research and worked in the media and automotive industry in Munich. When he is not building sensors at work, Rinaldo likes hardware hacking and growing his expertise in everything 3D.

Victor Tomashevich

Signal Processing Engineer

Victor is developing signal processing algorithms for the newest version of the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor. He focuses on FPGA and embedded programming. He has his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Passau. Victor grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia and enjoys skiing, biking and hiking.

Barbara Brauner

Head of Business Development

Barbara currently handles the marketing, sales, accounting, grants, and press for the company. She comes from Vienna, Austria and prior to working at Toposens, she was an auditor as well as an intern at a bank and a startup. In her free time, Barbara enjoys doing yoga, bouldering, baking and gardening.

Matteo Pilotto

Business Development Intern

Matteo is the business development intern and mainly focuses on sales, marketing and market research. He comes from Arquà Polesine, Italy and is finishing his Master's at the University of Bologna. He previously worked as an intern at Electrolux on the open innovation team. Matteo likes cooking, running, and watching scary movies.

Jillian Keller

Human Resources Intern

Jillian is the Human Resources intern at Toposens. She is working on the foundation for an HR department and standardizing the hiring process for the startup. She is from the state of Ohio in the United States and previously worked as an HR intern for a real estate investment company. Jillian enjoys running with her dog and spending time with her family.

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