3D Technology at CeBIT 2016



In less than three weeks, CeBIT expo for information technology will take place in Hannover (14th – 18th March). In 2015, more than 200.000 visitors came to see 3.300 exhibitors and learn about the newest trends and developments in the industry. We are sure that CeBIT 2016 will be a great success as well and a visit will be worth the while. We went through the exhibitor and product information and put together a list of six exciting exhibitors and talks that center around 3D technology.




Botspot 3D scanner

Botspot is a startup from Berlin. They built a 3D scanner that consists of single modules that can be put together. Thereby, it can scan very large objects. “Everything is possible, you can scan a single hair of a beard or capture a whole car fleet” is what you can read in their description. We are really curious to find out how precise their 3D models are at CeBIT.



GL Messtechnik – TriScan Tire

The TriScan Tire has a ton of functions and can pretty much check everything there is to check on a car tire. It is equipped with a 3D mapping function which “gives a worn tire analysis and predicts the lifetime through continuous measurements of decreasing profile depth”. Sounds interesting.



Magic iRIID

Magic iRIID does not work with magic but with a Microsoft Kinect that tracks your hand and finger movements to control your computer via gesture control. The user can choose between various interfaces, e.g. a virtual tablet or keyboard interface. We hope they bring along a demonstrator so we can try and see how accurately it works.






Beyond Metrology: Future trends of 3D-scanning

This talk (in German) will be about application areas for 3D scanning devices that focus on the presentation instead of the simple metrology of scanned objects.



Applications and business models of 3D-printing beyond prototypes

An overview over 3D printing: “Which technologies to produce a printable file are currently available? Which applications and business models have been established on the 3D printing market, which ones are successful, which ones are going to gain revenue in the future?” etc.



Contactless Hand Biometric Systems in Practice

This talk will be about the importance of 3D data for biometric person authentication with focus on hand recognition. What are the technologies that are precise enough to identify hand geometry and texture? How do they work?



Finally, you can also visit Toposens and the first working prototype of the 3D ultrasound sensor at Hall 6 Stand D17. Also, we want to invite you to listen to our talk "Vision for Technology - How 3D Sensors Shape the Technology of Tomorrow" that takes place Tuesday, 15th March, at 12 PM in Hall 6 Stand B54.



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