Autonomous Driving with the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor

Further advancement of our sensor technology will make it possible to use the sensor for disruptive new applications, such as autonomous driving.



Companies make great effort to provide safe autonomous driving. The industry is rapidly changing and the first test are being carried out already.


Toposens develops 3D radar sensors that are able to scan cars and pedestrians in real time. This way, we will contribute to autonomous driving by making it safer and more affordable.  


As can be seen in the video below, our sensors can be used as a driving assistant, calling the driver’s attention to potential safety hazards, or, in the future, as an autonomous system in combination with other sensors.


Autonomously moving vehicles, personal robots or seamless human-machine-interaction – with the right sensor, these disruptive concepts will advance rapidly in the near future. Toposens offers one piece of the puzzle and helps robots and machines to perceive their environment quickly and efficiently.


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