3D Sensor Systems

People and Object Detection via Ultrasound - Small, Robust, Precise


Toposens creates groundbreaking new technology for machine vision. We are not trying to make old things better - instead we use new methods to give you the 3D sensor that you have been waiting for. 

Vision for Technology

Toposens follows an unusual path – we provide Vision for Technology without using any optical components!


Our sensor follows the principles of the echolocation of a bat, who can see tiny objects by emitting ultrasound signals and receiving their reflections. We adapted this method and developed a small sensor system based on ultrasound. The Toposens 3D sensor therefore enables machines and robots to better percieve their surroundings without the disadvantages inherent to optical systems.


Toposens makes it possible to see with sound – an ability that brings with it several important advantages that have not been combined into one single 3D sensor system up to now.


Toposens technology

Sensor Applications

Due to its innovative approach, the Toposens 3D sensor opens up new fields of application. Its characteristics enable the operation of the sensor also under difficult environmental circumstances. The innovative sensor can perceive 3D positions of objects and people.

People Tracking

Detection, counting and tracking of people in real-time e.g. for retail stores, smart homes, offices or public buildings.

Completely anonymous and secure sensor solution to generate real-time data for customer analyses, automating processes or installing safety functions.

gesture control
Toposens future applications

Further applications include gesture control, collision avoidance for robots, autonomous driving and virtual reality. The sensor enables the realization of completely new use-cases. Sophisticated algorithms and optimized hardware design are combined to provide you with the ideal 3D sensor experience.

Toposens Sensor Technology Offers High Value for Customers

3D sensor lightweight

Small Size

3D sensor low power

Ultra Low-Power

3d sensor robust


3D sensor privacy


3D sensor precision



The innovative sensors of Toposens bring together characteristics, which have not been combined into one single sensor system to this date.

  • The 3D ultrasound sensor is small in size and lightweight plus it only needs very little energy to be operated. It is therefore ideal for mobile applications.
  • Due to the use of sound, the sensor is very robust and not dependent on external factors, such as lighting conditions, rain, dust or dirt.
  • Since no optical components are used for the sensor, the employment of the sensor is trouble-free and also suitable for sensitive surroundings (e.g. private home, workplace), because it provides maximum privacy protection.
  • Even though the sensor does not recognize people or objects, it can still determine 3D positions with very high precision.



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