Innovative 3D Sensor Systems

Our team focuses on building the technology of tomorrow. Toposens is not trying to make old things better, but creates groundbreaking new technology that really brings everything with it to be "disruptive". The innovative sensors work through ultrasound and radar and enable new applications that have not been possible before.

3D Ultrasound


3D Radar




New Applications


The Technology of Toposens Offers High Value for Customers

The innovative sensors of Toposens can combine characteristics, which have not been possible to this date. We can guarantee extremely fast processing times, so instant reactions to the surrounding environment are possible. This way technology get a new sort of vision, which is not influenced by factors as light, rain, smoke or other environmental influences.


To bring 3D sensors into mobile devices of small size running via battery, the Toposens technology is very small in size and light weight, while only a very low energy consumption is needed to run the 3D sensors. As you can see in our examples of application, there various new ways of implementing real 3D sensors into systems needing vision for performance.